Saturday, February 25, 2012

Pg. 134

been drugged ....
look at her ....
laughed. He called
This is Sam Spade
driver won't keep his
sula right away ....
him pick me

smoking a
man with a pla
cheery face came
Spade. She's full of
Spade emptied

She's a tough

live forever."
the thick-set
surprise to me
nothing and
Pg. 133

He shook her
off all right ?"
"Ye'. " Her head fell
"Where's the bed?"
She tried to raise a
much for her before the
carpet. With the sigh of
relax and crumble.
her up as she sank
to the near

He turned back the
removed her slippers
dressing-gown off, fixe
the covers up over her.
dows and stood with his
girl. Her breathing was
looked around,
ming the room.

but not
ing his lips togeth
tood there in the weak-
Finally he shook his
and went out, leaving

hone and Telegraph
called Davenport 2020.
there's a girl

Pg. 132

her. She moaned
though her eyes were
and slapped her cheek
She moaned again and
arm held her and swept
wall. "Keep walking," he
"who are you ?"

final consonant

"What the hell?"
front of her eyes.
mpered and opened
cream-colored pajama -
below her left breast -
lines - dotted with tiny
punctured it.
She said you'd

her body
with thin red line
had scratched and
.. till you came .... She
She swayed.
his arm around her and
his arm, squirming
.... sleep .... save her

Bur- Burlingame
Pg. 131

her tottering
walked across
incoördinated steps,
balance unaffected by
and eyeless, his
where at once.
monotonously :
the stuff. One
He shook

That's the stuff.
they do - dope you ?

twitched up then
eyes and she manage
the floor, the girl
Spade slapping

Her eyelids twitch
golden-brown eyes
the final consonant.
They walked the
up with Spade, Spade
yellow silk with both
remained hard and
left, right, turn
three, four.
Pg. 130

the room.
the girl begged
scraps of excelsior
maybe you ought
his chin. "We'll
I'd keep the door
from his chin,
man, sister."

and rubbed her
he said and went

Saturday Night

under his arm,
of his eyes

a small fair-hair
a small girl who
desperately to the in
"Mr. Spade?"
Spade said, "Yes,
Her body arched
straight back so that
and her slender throat
Spade slid his suppo
to get his other
Pg. 129

falcon down on
take care of this
thin corpse on
chest with her fist
on't you see

- Oh you've got
and bent over
nest of excelsior
making a larger
phone the police
drag any names
I told you

know about

the phone-call -
about anybody else
You don't know any -
my business until

Pg. 128

So that
knot was hard
cut the rope. The
the dead man with
side. As she stood
ching him pull
it is?"

nausea in her

big fingers busy
three sheets thick,
His face was
he had put the
aped mess of
the wad

a hand down
ship in their curve
and crushed he
thing, angel,"
u're hurting me
from her, pick